The "Cas-Cab", Madison's first and only real working rickshaw is now available to haul one or two people and their stuff, totaling up to 500 pounds, from the UW Campus area...up State Street...around the Capitol...to The Casbah.

Pedaled by one, the three-wheeled bicycle-type rickshaw, also called a pedi-cab, is pedaled like a bike with 21 gears. It has rear-spring suspension, hydraulic brakes, electric running lights and turn-signal lights.

Recently a Madison couple out on their first date caught a ride to The Casbah. "It was an interesting ride and a great place to take a date," he said. Numerous other singles and couples have enjoyed the rickshaw ride already.

Rides are also available to other points in the area for a small fee -- $3 for a short ride or $6 for a long ride. But riders going to The Casbah for drinks or dining ride for free!